These are the days you will look back on years from now and wonder where they went. Remember them vividly with artful and authentic pictures.

Moments Matter

It's your family, artfully & authentically

There is a lot of truth to the saying that time is a thief. Photographs are unparalleled in their ability to arrest time, to preserve moments, to connect memories with feelings. Let's create these priceless heirlooms together!

Your family, artfully real & authentically you

Family photojournalism is meant to capture the incredibly beautiful moments in the ordinary life you live. These images will transport you through time to just how your family looked and felt through the years. They connect your memories with your feelings. 

Your family is personal. Your pictures should be too.

Rachel doesn't simply take photos; she captures the moments that will provide lifelong memories...

—  Chris, Dublin

ten little toes & squishy thigh rolls. Oh how fast it goes.

As a mom of three, I know firsthand that babies don't keep. Lifestyle newborn photography is about creating pictures that cause you to whisper fondly, “I remember when you were that little.” It's about remembering the moments you held them close, how their tiny body fit perfectly in your arms, how delicious they smelled, and how soft their skin was against yours. 

And it's about doing it comfortably and naturally in the coziness of your home.

She has a way of making you feel comfortable and natural, and it shows in the photographs and moments she captures. [T]here isn’t anyone else I would trust to capture our life’s moments than her. 

—  Theresa, Napa

The annual update

While my deepest passion is family photojournalism, I do love a good modern family session. So, go ahead! Color coordinate to your heart's content and let's find a beautiful place to update your family portraits. 

We wanted some photos that showed natural moments in our family. Rachel delivered!

—  Ricky, Fremont


The Delight & Be Experience

This is way more than me just showing up with a camera in my hand and a few corny jokes in my back pocket. This is about getting to know you and your family so that your unique personalities and dynamic can be captured in images you'll love forever. Don't be surprised if we end up friends through the process!

Sound Good?

Let's get started!