These are the days you will look back on years from now and wonder where they went. Remember them vividly with artful and authentic pictures.

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Family Photojournalist

Artfully real
Authentically you

Time flies. Stop it.

No stress. No matchy-matchy clothes. No pulling teeth.
Just great pictures of your wonderful family.

You deserve pictures of your family that feel like you, look like you& are worthy of your family legacy.

“It was real. It was us.”

— Sarah, Fremont

Not your Typical family Photog

hi, i'm rachel

I want to be your family photojournalist. This fiery passion was born from my realization that perfect is boring, and that the every day moments of life deserve to be celebrated and treasured. (But this isn't really about me.*)

This is about Bay Area families like you who want to capture your family's real life in all it's glory. The silly, wild, chaotic, wonderful reality that makes up your moments.

Family photojournalism creates artwork from your everyday. It's about who you are. Here. Now.

These images forge a lifeline that connects your family across time and space. These are pictures that will pass from generation to generation, prompting story after story, told with love, laughter, and delight.

*If you really do want to know more about me, there's a handy button below. 

The photographs are a literal treasure.

—  Mike, Pittsburgh

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