about Family Photojournalism

It's your reality: artfully & authentically

There is a lot of truth to the saying that time is a thief. The pictures created through family photography are unparalleled in their ability to arrest time, to preserve moments, and to connect memories with feelings. Let's create these priceless heirlooms together!

Family Photojournalism

Normal life, for real

Family photojournalism captures the incredibly beautiful moments in the ordinary life you live.

These images transport you through time and space to just how your family looked and felt through the years. They connect your real life memories with your real life feelings. This isn't your typical family photography session.

Your family is personal. Your pictures should be too.

Not a day goes by that we don’t think about those special moments...

—  Chris

it's just what it sounds like

it's just what it
sounds like

A Day in the Life

Family photojournalism opens your eyes to the amazing and extraordinary that happens in your ordinary every day life.

This completely unscripted and stress-free family photography session follows you through a typical day in the life of your family, from morning routine through tuck in time, and creates intensely personal pictures that are completely unique to you.  

Day in the Life sessions include photography coverage beginning with the start of your day and last until the day's end. From this session you'll receive 300-350 final edited hi-res images in an online gallery with unlimited downloads.

Every session also includes a gorgeous custom designed 30 page heirloom album. Because these pictures deserve a place in your home, not just on your device.

Day in the Life sessions start at $2875.

It is so hard to pick our favorites because they are all that beautiful.

—  Amanda

Not Quite ready for a full day?

Make it a half day instead

Family photojournalism doesn't always have to be an all day affair.

A Half Day in the Life family photography session might fit your needs perfectly.

Still totally unscripted and stress-free, this shorter session is still a powerful window into your world. 

Half Day in the Life sessions include up to six consecutive hours of photography coverage starting with your morning routine or leading into the close of the evening. 

You'll receive 175-200 final edited hi-res images in an online gallery with unlimited downloads and 3 canvas prints up to a 12x18. 

Half Day in the Life sessions start at $1600.

She has a way of making you feel comfortable and natural, and it shows in the photographs and moments she captures. 

—  Theresa

intrigued but a bit intimidated?

How about just a slice!

Love the idea of a completely unscripted and stress-free family photography session, but the thought of someone following you through your entire day is daunting?

Ease yourself in with a Slice of Life. 

While the magic of family photojournalism thrives with the breathing room of more full day coverage, there is still lots of beauty and magical images to be created in a shorter session. 

Slice of Life sessions include two consecutive hours of photography coverage and 50-75 final edited hi-res images in an online gallery with unlimited downloads.

Every Slice of Life session includes a canvas print up to a 12x18. These pictures deserve a place in your home, not simply on your device.

Slice of Life sessions start at $750.

This is your family's story

Your images will look and feel like y o u

Think about your family with all its unique quirks, personalities, dynamics, and love. Don't you wish you could have pictures that capture that in an artful and completely authentic way? That's what a family photojournalism session will do for you. 

Your family is personal. Your pictures should be too.

Kind Words

"When we saw the gallery, we were floored."

You captured so many precious moments and documented sides of our kids that we know and love dearly but never seem to be able to capture ourselves. 

— The Doyle Family

"There isn’t anyone else I would trust to capture our life’s moments than her."

She was able to find our sweet girls personalities through her lens and we couldn’t be more grateful to have these moments to remember at such a precious time.

— The Mudaliar Family

"Working with Rachel has been so amazing, just as she promised."

I don't know why I waited so long. I'm so glad I finally did it. 

— The Weston-Sheikh Family

Want to look at your family pictures like this?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you really just follow us around for a day?

Yes! You should change literally nothing about how you live your normal life for any family photojournalism session.

Do you offer other types of sessions?

Yes! I offer lifestyle newborn sessions which are a slightly more directed, but still very candid style session.

What is the ratio of Color to B&W pictures?

It depends on the type of session. For family photojournalism sessions, I tend to deliver 60-70% b&w images. For lifestyle newborn I deliver 60-70% color images. 

How long after the session will we have our pictures?

I deliver your images within two business days in a beautiful and easy to navigate online gallery.

WE're more private people. Will our images be made public?

During our planning process together, we'll discuss your privacy concerns and preferences to make sure that nothing is shared that would make you uncomfortable.

Are extended family members able to join us for our session?

Yes! I love capturing grandparents, aunts & uncles, cousins and more! 



The Delight & Be Experience

Your family's legacy is being created this very moment, and it's my great privilege to create stunning photographs that let you remember it vividly. Your time and family are precious, so if you want:

Artful yet Authentic Photos

A relaxed and enjoyable process throughout

Pictures that connect Feelings with Memories

then this sounds like a great match! Use the button below to inquire and preserve your family's legacy through a family photojournalism session!

Let's Capture Your

Beautiful Legacy