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Like many, I’m surviving the colder, grayer, rainier winter months by surrounding myself with coziness. What better time to relive this cozy holiday half day in the life session with this darling family!

Half Day in the Life vs Full Day in the Life

It’s not rocket science really. A half day in the life follows a family through their normal routine for half the day. Beginning at either the start of the day, or timed so they end when everyone is settled at night.

Half day in the life sessions are a happy medium for those who want to get a level deeper than the Slice of Life sessions but find themselves overwhelmed by the thought of someone following them through an entire day.

The longer time frame opens up a further level of authenticity. Children and adults alike both relax more the longer a session lasts. Because any feelings of having to be “on” fade into the background, the genuine interactions take center stage.

This half day in the life session started as little L was just waking up. It was a chilly morning in early December, so she and mom snuggled cozily in bed with daddy. Soon, the excitement of a new Disney Advent book drew them from the warmth of the bed into the living room.

Their modest tree was lovingly appointed. Together they sat in its glow and read the next of the stories.

Breakfast & the “Pink Stuff”

Mealtimes always bring close and intimate moments. Yet, they are completely relatable. Everyone has to eat. Meals are prepared in many ways and in many styles but the point is the same. You nurture your body and soul with a meal, individually and collectively. And little L was all too happy to play a part!

The only hurdle to overcome during our half day in the life session was the dreaded “pink stuff”! Little L was recovering from an infection which required a dose of amoxicillin. The pink stuff. Parents will go to great lengths for their kids. So, mom held L’s nose while dad gave her the meds. It’s no spoonful of sugar, but it did the trick just fine.

Top Tip for Day in the Life Sessions: Get Outside!

Living in California certainly has its perks. Like being able to enjoy time outside without a million layers and snow boots. L watered the newly planted trees before joining mama for a snack in the garden.

Chores done, it was adventure time. L clung to mom while getting her roller skates on. After she was padded up it was a short walk/skate over to the park.

L ditched the skates at the park. The family ran together, enjoying some warmth and sunshine. But alas, a toddler burns bright and quick. Soon L was asking to head home for some lunch. (And a nap, but don’t tell her that.)

On the way back everyone stopped to look at the little free library’s offerings. L brought her discovery home and read with mama while dad made lunch. Exhaustion set in. And, as often happens, there were a few tantrums before succumbing to the need for sleep.

But, that is what makes these half day in the life sessions great! It truly is real life. Someday you’ll miss that grumpy face that didn’t want to nap. Or you’ll finally donate those dusty old roller skates and remember when it took ten years to put them on. Only to have them be pulled off ten minutes later.

Because these are your memories. And they matter.

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