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Tiny toes, itty bitty fingers, darling lips, and that newborn smell. Oh, is there anything better? Lifestyle newborn photography sessions always make my heart so glad. I’m struck by the sense of sleepy glowing joy when I walk in for the first time. That feeling only grows throughout the session.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Newborn sessions tend to have two main styles, posed and lifestyle. I am firmly in the second camp. No disrespect to posed newborn photographers or those who prefer that style. There is something perfectly dreamy about that squishy angelic faced babe wrapped in muslin cloths and smiling in their sleep. They are beautiful images for sure. But I’ll tell you why lifestyle newborn photography sessions have my heart.

First, lifestyle newborn photography sessions show off your new family dynamic.

Your life has just changed dramatically. You have a new person in your midst. This little person has no idea what night and day are, is constantly hungry, and may or may not have the shrillest voice known to man. Your family dynamic is now different.

And that’s ah-mazing!

Lifestyle newborn photography sessions really bring the interactions of parents and baby into sharp relief. New moms and dads, big brothers and sisters, even the family pets are all getting used to this little one.

Plus it’s a scientific fact that newborns are super snuggly and have eminently kissable toes.

Capturing these moments of newness is a true privilege, and something that doesn’t happen when baby is in a basket.

picture of a father's hand holding his newborn son's tiny toes during a lifestyle newborn photography session
A dad with tattoos his holding his newborn son so that the family dog can give him a sniff during their lifestyle newborn photography session

Second, lifestyle newborn sessions are chill.

Lifestyle newborn photography sessions are on home turf. There’s no need to stress about getting out the door with all the accouterments a newborn requires. You don’t have to be perfectly put together. There’s a lot of adjustments taking place, and lifestyle newborn sessions are meant to fall in line with what’s going on at the moment.

I have been there three times. I’ve been the tired parent who just wants to wear sweatpants and snuggle on the couch. I’ve been the parent who is mortified by the state of the house. I’m here to tell you, don’t be worried about what I think. I have been where you are. Tired, a little dazed, lost somewhere in a forest of diapers, postpartum care, and cluster feedings. I have no judgment, just a burning desire to show you the delicious moments of beauty and joy that are floating about you.

While we are shooting, I do my utmost to make sure you are comfortable, that you have room to do what you need, and, most importantly, an eye towards the little details. I want to make sure this exciting stage of life is preserved beautifully for you, so that you can relive it at a time when you are maybe a little less sleep deprived.

My ultimate goal is that you have incredible pictures while not adding any stress to your life.

mom and dad snuggle on the couch with their newborn son during their lifestyle newborn session

Third, lifestyle newborn sessions capture moments that all too quickly pass.

I alluded to this earlier. One of the best things about a lifestyle newborn session is getting to capture those little fingers and tiny toes before they start growing. It’s about capturing pictures that cause you to whisper fondly, “I remember when you were that small.”

Not going to lie, I’m getting a little teary eyed thinking about this. My own children are well past the newborn stage, and I adore revisiting the pictures of when they were small.

Well, smaller. My kids were pretty darn big when they were born.

Lifestyle newborn photography sessions are about remembering the moments you held them close, and their tiny body fit perfectly in your arms. They’re about pictures that take you back to how they smelled and how soft their skin was against yours.

Wouldn’t that be something amazing to have for yourself?

If you think a lifestyle newborn photography session is the right fit for you, I’d love to talk about how we can make that happen! Use the form below to set up a time to talk about your session today!

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