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Day in the Life Session: The Weston-Shiekhs | Family Photojournalism


Oh my goodness. This Day in the Life session with the Weston-Shiekh family packed a punch of energy. Beginning the second Miss V opened the door in her rainbow robe until the moment the door closed behind me, this session was everything a Day in the Life should be.

How They Spent Their Day in the Life Session

You’ve probably heard me talk a little about how you shouldn’t change ANYTHING about your normal life when your Day in the Life session is booked. The Weston-Sheikhs took that to heart.

Miss V greeted me at the door with a gigantic smile and the best rainbow robe.Not wanting to come across as creepy, so I loudly asked if her mommy was around. Sarah came around the corner with Baby H on her hip and pulled me inside with a big smile.

Breakfast was just wrapping up, evidence of strawberry and pancake delight was all over the countertop. I love this type of thing. The beautiful mayhem of everyone shaking off the morning grogginess: coffee working, breakfast everywhere, and still working on being bright eyed and bushy-tailed.

Miss V was clearly ready to go. She dove into playing toys with mom and Baby H. Dad appeared in the family room after completing his morning routine, and immediately joined in the fun.

When the thrill of toys wore off, the party moved outside. This really put the day in our Day in the Life session. The sun shone warmly and soon bubbles and balls were flying all over the place.

Time to Relax

Day in the Life sessions are so amazing. You really don’t have to be “on” all the time. The Weston-Shiekhs embraced this whole-heartedly. Baby H takes a morning nap. That naptime routine is always so delightful to photograph. Cozy snuggles and story time leading into mom gently laying her in her bed. These are the moments that make my mama heart leap for joy to capture. Anybody who has ever had a baby knows just how fast moments like these go by. The Weston-Shiekhs have this precious memory to keep forever because of their Day in the Life session.

What about your family’s life right now would you treasure a photograph of?

go ahead, jump on the couch during your day in the life session
a pure moment of father daughter connection captured during a day in the life session
outdoor play is fun during a day in the life session
Miss V makes an entrance to the pool during a Day in the Life session
precious moments like mom putting the baby down for a nap are just a few of the things we capture during a day in the life session

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